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Medical Robotics

Even though I worked for quite a few years in the software industry, I never had proper training in the web technologies. When my friend Dr. Flaura Winston showed me the new website she was working on (www.aftertheinjury.org), I felt an urge to learn about all these new tools.

Hallmedia is a service video production and interactive development company. Maureen Hall welcomed me at Hallmedia, and I was fortunate to work with Mickey DeLorenzo, a great designer, who introduced me to flash.

Very soon, I took an assignment as a project manager to develop a Graphic User Interface for some robotic equipment in the medical field. (Liposcience Numera Analyzer for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Tests). Bobby Juncosa developed the graphic part of the GUI using Flash Technologies, while I developed the simulator using C# .net. I enjoyed that project very much, loves the results, and believe there is great potential for Flash in solid engineering applications.

Thank you Maureen, Mickey, Ann for my time at Hallmedia.