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I enjoy teaching. Soon after coming to Philadelphia I was offered a faculty position at Philadelphia University in the Computer Science Department headed by Professor Les Sztandera.

I taught C++ programming to junior students as well 3-D graphics to grad students.
I developed the curriculum, and conducted lab sessions. I loved interacting with the students during those labs. I ennjoyed being able to help them up close. They were so proud when their program finally compiled and ran.

Starting August 2009, I was offered a faculty position in the Electical and Computer Engineering Department headed by Professor Joseph Picone at Temple University. I have been teaching Engineering Analysis and Scientific Programming with MATLAB. Again I enjoyed the contact with the students, first during the lecture, then again during the lab sessions.

All credit goes to you for making me understand the material.
-- Temple University ENG 2011 student evaluation

At this point in my career, I have found that teaching has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding tasks I had. It pushed me to constantly review, improve, invent new ways to reach the students.