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I am looking for new challenges in an R&D project. My experience in software development covers all phases of the cycle: functional design, coding, testing, documentation and maintenance. I enjoy object-oriented design and well-written code. I enjoy mentoring junior engineers.



My solid research background has enabled me to build commercial software from scratch, whether in the aeronautics, imaging or robotics industry. I have extensive experience with C++, C#, VB.net. I anticipate bottlenecks and excel at setting goals and meeting deadlines. Two US patents.



Tyco Electronics, Berwyn, PA 2008 to 2009

Senior Software Engineer

  • Developed software of Automatic servo presses designed to press components into circuit boards.
  • Developed localization kit for translation into any language.

Loeb Software, Wynnewood, PA 2007 to 2008


  • Project manager for Hallmedia: Design of a GUI for Liposcience Numera Analyzer (robotic system for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance tests). Used Adobe Flash to interface C# simulator.
  • Consultant for Peripheral Dynamics Inc. : Embedded software in new scanner prototype.
  • Peripheral Dynamics Inc., Plymouth Meeting, PA 1998 to 2007

    Senior Software Engineer

    Developed first scanner prototype in 3 months time frame (US patent 20020181805)

  • Wrote specifications and software documentation.
  • Designed original image processing algorithms.
  • Developed image processing libraries, API, test applications.
  • Integrated third party OCR and barcode libraries.
  • Supervised work of contractors, outsourced tasks.
  • Teamed with hardware, electrical, firmware engineers.
  • Assisted customers with C++, VB, JAVA, Delphi integration.
  • electrical, mechanical,

    Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, PA 1997

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Taught 3D computer graphics to continuing students
  • Taught C++ programming to juniors
  • ADERA, University of Bordeaux I, Bordeaux, France 1994-1997

    Project manager

    Designed and built ship prototype in 3 years time frame.
  • Solicited and obtained $625,000 in government grant for Port of Bordeaux Hydrographic Department. Managed total project budget: $1,250,000.
  • Selected materials and services needed, negotiated with suppliers.
  • Designed hardware and embedded software configuration.
  • Designed original navigational software using GPS receiver.
  • Managed a team of electrical, mechanical engineers, and sailors.
  • Reported to local and national print media and television, published academic papers.


    Universite de Bordeaux I, Bordeaux, France

    Ph.D. in Control Systems

    • Designed a high-precision track keeping autopilot using Differential GPS for navigation.
    • Used LQG and H-infinity design techniques, Kalman filtering.
    • Iimplementated autopilot. Conducted in situ trials of vehicule while working for ADERA..
    • Published papers in proceedings of HYDRO'94, OCEANS'94, CAMS'95 and ICASAV'95.

    Ecole Nationale Superieure de l'Aeronautique et de l'Espace, Toulouse, France

    MS in Avionics

    • Trained in aeronautics and space technologies
    • Specialized in robotics and navigation systems.
    • Thesis research in neural networks at MIT and Boston University, Rotary Club Scholarship.



  • Engin Nautique de Surface Robotis�: Synth�se de lois de commande et GPS differentiel, Ph.D. thesis #1510, Universit� Bordeaux I (1996).
  • High Precision Autopilot Design for Small Ships. Pierre Bidan and Serge Boverie, editors, IFAC Workshop on Intelligent Components for Autonomous and Semi Autonomous Vehicles, pages 123--127. LAAS/CNRS, Toulouse, France, October 25--26, 1995.
  • New Hydrographic Automated Vehicle : Proceedings of the 9th biennial international symposium HYDRO'94, pages 10.1--10.9, Aberdeen, Scotland, September 13--15, 1994.
  • New Hydrographic automated vehicle: design of a high precision track controller. Thor I. Fossen, editor, Proceedings of the 3rd IFAC Workshop on Control Applications in Marine Systems CAMS�95, pages 49--53, Trondheim, Norway, May 10--12, 1995.
  • Conception d'un Engin Nautique de Surface Robotis� (E.N.S.R.). Proceedings OCEANS '94, volume I, pages 120--129, Brest, France, September 13--16, 1994
  • US Patent 5869475 with Port of Bordeaux http://www.freepatentsonline/5689475.html
  • US Patent 20020181805 with Peripheral Dynamics Inc. http://www.freepatentsonline/20020181805.html


  • Win32, Visual C++, MFC, C#, VB6, VB.net.
  • XML, HTML, ASP.net, Adobe Flash Actionscript CS3
  • Installshield, SVN, Sourcesafe
  • Matlab, Simulink, Microsoft Project, Visio
  • Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio 2005, Visual Web Developer 2005
  • Access database, Sharepoint, Basecamp
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Unix, Linux, QNX


  • Avid Photographer, Photomosaics, Slideshows, DVD authoring.
  • Home theater design.
  • Webmaster of online publication www.pjvoice.com
  • Treasurer of local chapter of Hadassah non profit organization.
  • authoring, design Photography,