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After my Ph.D., and a semester teaching for Philadelphia University, I wanted to explore software development some more. I met Jack Garczynski, Vice President of Peripheral Dynamics Inc., a small manufacturing company on the outskirts of Philadelphia.

PDI was rushing to develop its very first scanner. I liked the challenge and wanted to be part of it. I enjoyed the casual yet busy atmosphere at PDI and the opportunity to be creative and explore the imaging field.

I learned a lot at PDI. As principal software engineer, there was a lot to do. From the low level drivers, to the processing itself to the test application, I was able to cover a lot of ground.

Imaging is a fascinating yet challenging field.

I am grateful to all the great folks at PDI for the years I worked there, Steve Wilcox, Larry Hyer, Graham Gross, Jack Garczynski, and many many others.

For the past 25 years, prior to my retirement in 2006, I was Vice-President of Engineering, and a member of the Board of Directors of Peripheral Dynamics, Inc. Peripheral Dynamics is a major manufacturer of electornic equipment and document scanners for the gaming, banking, voting and educational markets.
Helen Loeb is a professional, conscientious, a team player and easy to work with. She was held in high esteem by our entire engineering and software development staff. She works hard, comes up with timely recommendations, and she is constantly updating her skills. Helen would fit well with any software team requiring precise and timely results.
-- Jack Garczynski, Vice-President of PDI
Peripheral Dynamics Inc.'s Pagescan III