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News and Op/Ed

Liberals Flip-Flop on Vice-Presidential Hunting Trip
A picture named cheney_scalia_duck_hunting.jpg
Reprinted with permission of Gregory Uchrin. Copyright 19 Jan. 2004 all rights reserved. This cartoon originally appeared on and  

(Goyische Subscript)
MoveOn.Org, The Sierra Club, The Brady Campaign, NOW, the NJDC, the Massachusetts Supreme Court, and Michael Moore in a stunning reversal announced yesterday in a joint press conference that they no longer objected to Vice-President Richard Cheney's hunting trips with
Supreme Court Antonin Scalia
, and in fact encouraged the Vice President to go hunting as often as possible, even on a dark moonless night, not only with Scalia but also with newly appointed Associate Justice Samuel Anthony Alito, Jr. and Chief Justice John G.
Roberts, Jr.

David Bookbinder, Washington legal director for the Sierra Club, said he only realized recently the intense pressure that the vice-president was under. I had thought being vice-president was an easy job, attending state funeral and being available to step in as president as necessary. In reality, as the person authorizes NSA wiretaps, leaks of CIA agent identities, and occasionally torture, the vice-president is under a lot of stress, and if he wants to go hunting with a few cronies, I say that is why we have national parks, and he should enjoy them.