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The Kosher Table

Main Line Kosher Establishments
Lisa Tuttle
Lisa Kelvin Tuttle

When it comes to having access to a wide variety of high quality kosher products, we in the Philadelphia area are indeed blessed. The larger supermarkets have responded to the demand, and we should consider it a success story that we can pick up a frozen kosher pizza, freshly cut glatt kosher meats, and ready-to-serve kosher meals when we do our shopping. But a big downside of taking advantage of such convenience is that it puts a drain on the bottom line of the smaller community shops. I am a big believer in keeping our local merchants thriving, and value the relationships I have developed with the owners. This month I will feature some of the shops in the Main Line area, as they are near the "kosher powerhouses" of Genuardi's and the Narberth Acme. Next month we'll sample Northeast Philadelphia and the Northern suburbs. So if you're in the area the next time you do your shopping, consider these local treasures and encourage your friends to do the same!

Until we eat again . . . 


Lisa Kelvin Tuttle has professional experience in the gourmet, catering, and health-food fields, as well as being an experienced kosher camp cook. Her greatest pleasure, though, is cooking Shabbos dinner for family and friends. She resides with her husband, Alan, and sons Adam and Jeremy in Wynnewood.

All questions concerning the kashrut of the establishments featured in this column should be directed to your Rabbi.

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