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News and Op/Ed

Letters to the Editor

Calling an Anti-Semite an Anti-Semite
I simply do not understand why the Associated Press continues to run the comments of President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad as straight news. ("Iran's President Clarifies Stand on Holocaust: It's a European Myth", New York Times, Dec. 15, 2005)I do not understand why the assumption was allowed to stand that Israel 's Jews are mainly descended from Europe, when in fact the majority are from Arab countries, expelled by their ancestral countries when Israel was created -- including Iran. I do not understand why reporters concentrate solely on his Holocaust denial, and ignore his attempt to blame Europeans solely for the poor treatment of Jews -- which surely includes the rank discrimination written into the Code of Omar, as well as the condescending attitude toward dhimmis written into the Quran. While Ahmedinejad may have risen to his position by torturing hostages, he is apparently as confused about modern history and the Crusades as is President George W. Bush. If there is a crime which motivated the creation of Israel, it was the expulsion of Jews from Israel by Hellenistic Syrians, Egyptians, and Romans, shortly after the destruction of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem -- an international war crime of which Ahmedinejad's ancestors may have gleefully taken part.
-- Ben Burrows, Elkins Park, PA

Where Does Gerlach Belong?
Thank you so much for the interview with Gerlach. Although I don't live in the 6th district, I am very interested in the outcome. I met and admire Lois Murphy and her commitment to the ideals that I and many of my Jewish friends adhere to. After reading the answers to your questions I am more than ever sure that Jim Gerlach does not belong in Congress. It seems he never received the documents that were sent to every Congressperson. Sounds like his reading skills are no better than the President's
I hope every thinking person in the 6th will vote for Lois and I will do my best to let the people I know the importance of their vote. Keep up your good work.
-- Barbara Blum, West Chester, PA

Who is Jim Gerlach?
Your interview with Representative Jim Gerlach was excellent! By asking the tough questions, you showed him to be the smarmy two-faced politician that he is. As the media has become consolidated such that 11 corporations now control what 90% of Americans see, hear, and therefore think, I am very concerned. All of those corporations were major Republican donors, who were allowed even greater Media consolidation during the 2000 Presidential campaign. So, the conservative owners of the media, along with the corporate purchasers of their advertising, are dictating the coverage that we see. Gerlach is part of the Neo-cons which have taken over our government. And your hard line of questioning was an excellent start!
-- John Parker, Valley Forge, PA