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Number 5November 2005 

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Issue #5

News & Op/Ed
- Meet Our New Editor
- Rabbi Arrested
- Reform Jews vs. War
- Holocaust Exploitation
- Suicide Politics
- Anti-Israel Voices
- Labor Pains

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In Their Own Words

Media  Watchpost
- Philadelphia Inquirer
- Jewish Exponent

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- Musings
- Tributes
- Bias-Incident Watch
- Quirky Corner

The Kosher Table


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News & Op/Ed

Media Watchpost

In Their Own Words  

Community Calendar Around the Jewish Community this month, from Lancaster to New Jersey.

Around Our Community 

Networking Central: CeasefirePA Education Fund. Devoted to reducing gun violence.  

 The Kosher Table: Review of Maxim's Glatt Kosher Cuisine in Cherry Hill

Living Judaism is taking the month off in honor of the Jewish Holidays. These columns will return next month.


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