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Sammie Moshenberg, pictured left.

NCJW's Top Advocate, Sammie Moshenberg
Well known Washington, DC figure will be in Philadelphia November 19.

-- Eleanor Levie

Sammie Moshenberg, Director of Washington Operations for the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) since 1981, calls herself a "Feminist foot-soldier in the battle for equality and justice." Sammie, as she is known to colleagues, friends and even foes on Capitol Hill, has been in the thick of it on countless protest marches and rallies.

But Sammie's strategic advocacy expertise goes well beyond such on-foot soldiering for social justice. Everyone who has seen her in action knows that her mouth is a far more effective tool. She has long been the Mouth That Roared whenever injustice has reared its ugly head.

Sammie’s views on issues from hate crimes to early childhood education can be found on the NCJW website which contains her blogs, inside-the-beltway commentary, and excerpts of her twittering comments, such as those she dashed off during the hearings on Judge Sonia Sotomayor's nomination to the Supreme Court.

Sammie is responsible for steering NCJW on social action issues and for crafting and delivering messages to advance the quality of life for women, children, and families. Her cogent and convincing talking points are echoed by all the advocates, members, and supporters in NCJW, and reverberate through a network of leaders in far-ranging coalitions.

A recipient of NCJW’s Hannah G. Solomon Award (1998) and a three time honoree as one of the Jewish Forward's “Forward Fifty” list of most influential Jewish individuals, Sammie Moshenberg was named one of Women’s Enews “21 Leaders for the 21st Century” in 2008.

The public is invited to hear Sammie Moshenberg speak at a meeting of NCJW-Greater Philadelphia Section on Thursday, November 19 at 1:00 pm. The program will be held at Keneseth Israel Reform Congregation, 8339 Old York Rd. Elkins Park, PA, in the Rothschild Auditorium. A $5 contribution is requested.

Sammie will present her scoop on the hot, topical issues of importance to all progressive Jews. She will explain the why's and how's of effective advocacy…including specifics with regard to getting the ears of Senators Specter and Casey. Her address will leave listeners feeling empowered and powerful. They will discover how to pey-it-forward: use the mouth, or “pey” in Hebrew, in a whole new way: by showing appreciation for our blessings and lives of privilege by speaking up for the less fortunate, by calling for basic human rights like health care, freedom from violence, free speech and religious freedom for all.

For further information on this event, contact Linda Lempert at 215-884-5906 or email her at lindalempert@verizon.net.

Eleanor Levie is currently the Advocacy Co-Chair of the Greater Philadelphia Section of NCJW. She is also a past NCJW National Board Member, and past state public affairs chair.

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