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December 2008

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Expanding War, Contracting Meaning
The Next President and the Global War on Terror

Reprinted courtesy of Yaakov (Dry Bones) Kirschen

The Slanderers Among Us
Shame on Matt Brooks

The Masters of Spin
RJC puts their best face on some rather disappointing results

Now What?
The implications of victory

The Problem That Wasn't
Why Jews overwhelmingly supported Obama

Reflections on the 2008 vote

Over There
The adventures of Democrats abroad


The Death of Orthodox Secularism
The Masorti Movement celebrates


John Hebert Adler
Representative-elect for New Jersey's 3rd Congressional District.


Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger
Fighting Hunger in SE Pennsylvania

Gourmet Cheese Meets Kosher Cuisine
Introducing the Saratoga Cheese Corporation

JSPAN Announce Social Justice Award
Recipients Sheila and Dan Segal

Anyone for cauliflower latkes?

Eight Nights and Eight Stories
Honor courageous Jews during Hanukkah

Moving from Horror to Holiness
Islam, Judaism and Ethics

Let LimmudPhilly Bring Us All Together
Uniting Philadelphia in study

Every Child Left Behind
Standardized testing vs. individualized learning


Breast Cancer: The Jewish Connection
Ashkanazi women most at risk