August 2008

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Lo Tishkach. Do not forget.
Networking Central

Lo Tishkach
Project to survey thousands of Jewish burial grounds.

-- Philip Carmel

The central repository for pro-Obama messaging in the Jewish community launched a new campaign today to mobilize young Jews to go to Florida to convince their grandparents to vote for Obama.

The Jewsvote.org campaign, "The Great Schlep," was officially introduced with the release today of an irreverent video from Sarah Silverman promoting the effort with the proclamation: "If Barack Obama doesn't win this election, I am going to blame the Jews so get your fat Jewish asses on a plane to Florida."

Using cutting-edge political mobilization technology pioneered by Jewsvote.org, volunteers, also known as "schleppers" will have the tools to network and coordinate outreach efforts in the key swing states like Florida. Droga5, a New York-based advertising agency, produced the Silverman video and is well known in the advertising world, especially for their recent Mark Echo's Air Force 1 viral video that has been viewed millions of times.

"This is an historic opportunity to transform virtual communities of young Jewish supporters of Barack Obama into boots on the ground in Florida," said Ari Wallach, co-Executive Director, of Jewsvote.org. "And what bubbe can say no when her grandchild comes a knocking? Jewsvote.org's other co-Executive Director Mik Moore led "Operation Bubbe"in 2004 which mobilized over 120 young Jews to Florida to campaign for John Kerry.

Florida is an important target for both the Democrats and Republicans. In 2004, George W. Bush won Florida 52.1% to 47.2% over John Kerry, and in 2000, Al Gore lost Florida to George W. Bush by less than 500 votes. Jews make up nearly 4% of the population, but are historically very active voters who tend to be overrepresented in the electorate.

Since many will not be able make the trip, the online tools available on JewsVote.org will be utilized on TheGreatSchlep.com. This will allow "virtual schleps" to occur over next few weeks.

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