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July 2008

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The McCain Doctrine: Thou Shalt Not Talk To Terrorist States
But a little free-trade with Iran won't hurt anyone. Will it?

Winner of The Israel Project's "Israel 60" photo contest.

Pinning Their Hopes
Jews for Obama.

Who Is More Pro-Israel?
McCain or Obama.

The Pentagon
Energy Insecurity Inc.

A Face Once More
Into the Tunnel: The Brief Life of Marion Samuel, 1931-1943.

Redistricting Reform or Another Gerrymandered Decade
Jewish legislators weigh in.

Letters to the Editor


Representative Jason Bedrick
An Orthodox New Hampshire lawmaker.

Presidential Candidates Speak At AIPAC Conference

Historic prison at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia is being refurbished after 35 years of nonuse. The small synagogue tucked into a narrow alleyway off Cellblock 7 still feels like a holy place. It was built in the early 1920's under the leadership of philathropist Alfred Fleisher. Mr. Fleisher attended all Jewish services in the prison until his death in 1928 and the Jewish inmates named the synagouge The Alfred Fleisher Memorial Synagogue "as a lasting memorial of the kindness and justice Fleisher has always shown."

Catcher In The Rye?
Headcovering sends America for cover.

The Philadelphia Jewish Archives
Treasures not to be lost.

Bronx Cheer
Raining on our parade.

Who Is "The Vistor"?
The American economist or the illegal immigrant.

Teach The Wisdom Of Yahrzeit
Honoring your parents and their lives.

The recent conference of Presbyterians in America provided an opportunity for political radicals to continue their campaign against the Biblically-promised rebirth of Israel and the return of "His Chosen People" to "their Promised Land". Reprinted courtesy of Yaakov (Dry Bones) Kirschen

If You Shecht It, They Will Come.
Iowa's Kosher Agriprocessors facility is no "Field of Dreams".


The Milky Way
Kosher fare in L.A. that is out of this world.

Righteous Polish Heroine
Irene Sendler passes away at age 98.