March 2008

In Their Own Words
• Robert Wexler
• Barack Obama
• Stern & Grossman

Special Dossier
• Pres. Primaries
• Passover PA Primary?
• Barack Obama
• Hillary Clinton
• John McCain
• Delegate Projections

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• Lantos 1928-2008
• Nicolas Sarkozy
• Israel's Electric Car
• Tapes: NFL, CIA
• Behind The Curtain
• Schmoozing Terrorists
• Jews Of Sicily
• Letters to the Editor

Media Watchpost
• Savage Attack

Networking Central

• Bernstein Concert
• Fair Game
• Haddonfield Players
• Oliver!
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Raising A Mensch
• Why Jewish Camping?

Living Judaism
• Shall This Too Pass?

The Kosher Table
• Holiday Recipes

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Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were among the Presidential Candidates speaking at the National Jewish Democratic Council's Washington Policy Conference.
News and Opinion

Special Dossier: Presidential Primaries

Click for www.electoral-vote.com
Predictions of the 2008 Election Results (number of electoral votes in the Presidential election, number of Senate seats, and number of seats in the House of Representatives) courtesy of Electoral-Vote.com.

General Articles

Music Video "Yes We Can" based on extracts of speeches by Senator Barack Obama.

Senator Barack Obama

Music Video "No You Can't" based on extracts of speeches by Senator John McCain.

Senator John McCain

Music Video "Stand Up For Change. Open Your Eyes."

Senator Hillary Clinton

Other Candidates Past and Present

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