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January 2008

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• Editorial: Ben Burrows
• More Jewish Dems
• United Nations First
• Naval Hanukah
• Israel Consensus Shift
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Special Dossier
• Annapolis

Media Watchpost
• Rick Santorum

In Their Own Words
• Josh Shapiro
• Flaura Winston

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• Dems. Abroad Israel

• Torathon XXII
• Hannukah Rotunda
• Jewish Relief Agency

Teen Voice
• Friendship Circle
• Failure To Communicate

Raising A Mensch
• Leora Turns Two

Living Judaism
• Tu b'Shvat Lessons

The Kosher Table
• Taste of Tu b'Shvat

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Reprinted courtesy of Yaakov (Dry Bones) Kirschen

Introducing Ben Burrows

Jewish Democrats Abound
AJC poll shows 10% gains.

There Is Always A First
United Nations Supports Israel.

A Bi-Partisan Naval Hanukah
Israel keeps its options open.

Pro-Israel Consensus Shift
Likudnik editor calls for realism from right-wing American "paratroopers".

Special Dossier: Annapolis
Reactions to the peace conference from all sides of the Jewish community.

Letters to the Editor

Rick Santorum
From U.S. Senator to Political Pundit.

Josh Shapiro
PA State Representative.

Dr. Flaura Koplin Winston
PJVoice Parenting Column Editor and Eisenberg Award Winner.

Democrats Abroad Israel
Helping Israeli-Americans bridge the gap.

Jewish Relief Agency Volunteers.

Torathon XXII
An evening of Jewish learning and entertainment.

Hannukah Rotunda
An eclectic celebration of the pursuit of justice and the festival of lights.

Jewish Relief Agency
Serves more thanks to new warehouse and dedicated volunteers.

The Friendship Circle
Sharing a smile with those in need.

A Failure to Communicate
Strong relationships with parents can provide moral compass to teens.

Pomegranate Chicken. Recipe and photo courtesy of POM Wonderful Inc.


Leora Turns Two
Tales of a single mother in Israel.

Sharing God's Fruitfulness
Tu b'Shvat


A Taste Of Tu b'Shevat
Setting the seder.