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Over One Million Served

-- A Word from the Publisher

As the year draws to a close, the Philadelphia Jewish Voice has reached an important internet milestone: We have accumulated over one-million page views. The Philadelphia Jewish Voice is an online non-profit volunteer based community newspaper serving the Philadelphia Jewish Community. We are dedicated to addressing the important social, political and cultural issues facing our community in a spirit of honesty, integrity and diversity.

This corresponds to an average of four visits for each member of the Philadelphia Jewish Community. Of course, our readers come from far and wide. In addition to the over sixty letters to the editor we have published from our local area, we have published letters to the editor from Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina, Washington D.C., Washington State, Michigan, Florida, Arizona and as far away as Australia, Israel and France.

Thanks to our generous reprinting policy (displayed at the bottom of each page) our readership extends far beyond the page views collected on our website. Our writing has even been seen in translation on Armenian and Portuguese websites.

Help us spread the word about the Philadelphia Jewish Voice and sign up your friends to be notified when the next issue appears. Our articles have an "Email this" link at the top and bottom, so feel free to use this to forward articles to your friends.

Join your voice with ours and write! Let us know what you think with a letter to the editor at letters @ pjvoice.com or a longer piece to editor @ pjvoice.com. Please see our submission guidelines for more details.

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