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Don't you feel left out whenever one of these notorious but stupid real-life soap operas explode all over the cable news stations? Whether it's Tonya Harding, Michael Jackson, Aruba or any of these moronic situations that overwhelm what we should really care about, very rarely is any Jewish angle mentioned. Some may argue that the Jewish people are better off without such inclusion, but not us. We intend to remedy this Christian-washing…er, whitewashing…of the news.

For starters, take those three jurors who joined in the verdict to acquit Michael Jackson in his latest trial. Now they are repudiating their votes and argue that they should have voted to convict him. Here's what the mainstream goyim press omits: Three jurors, six opinions.

If you peer closely at a photo of Runaway Bride Jennifer Wilbanks performing her community service, you'll recognize that she is wearing an orange jumpsuit as she mows the lawn outside the municipal building in Lawrenceville, Ga. Since orange is the symbolic color of opponents to the Gaza withdrawal, shouldn't some reporter have asked her why she is meddling in Israeli politics?