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The hearings for Judge John G. Roberts

(Philadelphia - JSPAN) On more than one occasion, as members of a minority community, Jews in America have come to depend upon the Supreme Court of the United States to preserve, protect, and defend our Constitutional rights. We are, therefore, especially concerned with the appointment of the next Justice to the highest court in our land. As Americans, we expect and deserve the appointment of a Justice who will work tirelessly, fairly, and impartially to assure that the rights established in the Constitution and more than two centuries of judicial precedent are preserved, protected, and defended in the years ahead.

President George W. Bush has nominated Judge John G. Roberts to replace Justice Sandra Day OíConnor, who recently announced her resignation. President Bush chose to nominate Judge Roberts only after learning as much about Judge Roberts as it took to satisfy any concerns that he had.

Now, it is time for the Senate to give its advice and consent. Deciding whether or not to confirm the Presidentís nominee is a solemn responsibility that requires the Senate to exercise its independent judgment.It is incumbent upon the Senate to learn as much about Judge Roberts as it takes to satisfy any of the Senateís concerns before reaching its confirmation decision.

Therefore, we urge the Senate to obtain the full and complete record extant. We encourage each and every Senator to review and analyze Judge Robertsí record and credentials thoroughly and completely. We believe the Senate owes it to the nominee and the nation to provide Judge Roberts with a full and fair hearing during which all relevant lines of inquiry are openly and adequately addressed. Only by doing so can the Senate fulfill its responsibilities in a manner that affords the proper respect to Judge Roberts, the President, the Constitution, and the people the Senators were elected to represent.

In conducting its Constitutional duties, we urge the Senate to address our special concerns, including the right to privacy, the wall of separation between church and state, and adhering to judicial precedents.