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Volume 1 - Number 3 -  September 2005 

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Issue #3

News & Op/Ed
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News and Op/Ed

Breaking News. Hurricane Katrine Hits New Orleans.: Find out how you can help the Jewish Community recover.

Special Dossier: Gaza Disengagement: Will the "Orange" and "Blue" camps be able to reunite in the aftermath of this historic withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and four settlements in Northern Samaria?

What is the President Thinking?: Why are Jewish GOP operatives focusing on a protesting mother in Texas?

Aipac Charges Offer Opportunity: Israeli Private Eden Natan Zada deserted the army, boarded a bus and killed four in Shefaram before enraged Arabs beat him to death.

The Hearings for Judge Roberts: In conducting its Constitutional duties, we urge the Senate to address our special concerns, including the right to privacy, the wall of separation between church and state, and adhering to judicial precedents.

Frist Continues GOP War on Real Science: As far back as 1999, Tom DeLay actually blamed the tragic shooting at Columbine High School on the teaching of evolution in public schools

Sweet and Sour Rice: Condoleezza Rice shows contempt for the Jewish State.

Perspectives: Battle of the Ribbons in Israel. Canada in the Age of Terror. UPZ Second Annual Conference.

Better late than never: Republican leadership speak out against war.

The Exponent Watchpost: Is the "Media" responsible for Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Iraq or is our administration?


In Their Own Words: Interview with State Representative Daylin Leach. "Everything is legitimately on the table.

Around Our Community: "Team Philadelphia Brings Home the Gold (and Silver and Broze) at the 2005 JCC Maccabi Games" and much more...

NEW Community Calendar: Events around the Jewish Community from Center City to Northeast Philadelphia to Lower Merion to Lancaster.

Living Judaism: Is Judaism the religion of love?

Networking Central: The Shalom Center's Work for Peace, Justice, and Healing of the Earth.

NEW The Kosher Table: Our new food column is the place to find out �what�s cooking� in the Philadelphia area. Here you�ll find an eclectic array of Shabbat, holiday, and everyday menus and recipes, as well as the scoop on our region�s kosher restaurants and shops.

See how our Food Editor, Lisa Kelvin Tuttle, rates Yi-Tzi Peking, the new Kosher Asian Restaurant in Bala Cynwyd.

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