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Star of David Bikers.
Networking Central

Star of David Bikers
Kosher Hogs.

There is a new Jewish motorcycle organization in the Delaware Valley, the Star of David Bikers. Formerly known as the King David Bikers of Philadelphia, the group was a chapter of a South Florida club. The group went independent under its new name on May 17, 2007.

At last, Jewish motorcycle enthusiasts in the Philadelphia area can congregate to share their love of motorcycles, their passion for riding and their desire to meet other Jews who feel the same way about their bikes, the ride and their religion.

If you share a passion of motorcycles and a love of the Jewish people, Star of David Bikers is where you belong. It does not matter if you are Reform, Conservative or Orthodox. It also does not matter if you ride a Harley or a Honda, nor if you ride a sport bike or a cruiser. Our motto is "Love of our people, love of the road."

The Star of David Bikers all share certain aspects of life. Most are Jewish and all love to ride motorcycles just as much as they love to eat. They are also making friendships that will certainly stand the test of time. This is a group of men and women who love not only life but also sharing that life with those around them and those who share in their likes and dislikes. Bonding is a very essential part of our organization and seems to work very well.

Star of David Bikers is open to men and women of all ages, whether they are single, married, widowed or divorced and it does not matter what you ride. Some members ride alone while others ride with passengers. Your political views and your religious observance practices do not matter, though they do lead to interesting conversations at a table before or after the ride. The only thing that counts is your passion to ride and your faith as a Jew. We support various Jewish charities, causes and organizations. From time to time there may even be "non-denominational" rides.

Star of David Bikers is not a religious organization. The only preaching you will hear is about safety on two wheels. They love to ride and take care to ride responsibly. In contrast to other groups whose rides often revolve around alcohol, Star of David rides revolve around, you guessed it, food. "Jews barely finish a meal and before wondering what we're gonna eat next," said one member. "What better excuse than to ride somewhere on your bike, get something to eat and schmooze"

Star of David Bikers is part of the Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance, which includes more than 600 motorcycle enthusiasts from across the world, including United States, Canada, Australia, and Israel. Its mission is to create a global environment whereby members of the Jewish faith who ride motorcycles can congregate to share and exchange ideas and opinions about matters of concern to the Jewish community at large as well as issues specifically concerning motorcycles and motorcycle riding. The hold an annual event, The Ride to Remember, where member clubs gather together in memory of the Holocaust.

For additional information, please visit their website.

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In this section, we highlight a new local group each month in order to encourage networking.

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