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Letters to the Editor

Supplemental Education Programs

Practicing pediatrics for 29 years, and staying active in the American Academy of Pediatrics, I am constantly asked for advice on subjects ranging from prenatal topics to adolescence. So many people are looking for so many answers, yet it wouldn't surprise most thoughtful readers to know that much of what I convey is common sense. Interestingly, sensible, practical approaches are often backed by good research.

For example, the summer is over and kids are returning to school. I field countless questions about the best supplemental programs to enhance school performance, or what measures parents can take to assure success and optimal learning. Scientific evidence supports the notion that eating well, getting regular exercise, getting to bed for a good night's sleep, reducing electronic media to less than two hours daily, and finding simple ways to calm the soul are the absolutely best ways to get the most out of one's natural abilities. Add to this sustained parental involvement, happy, healthy teachers at schools, and a strong school administration, and-voila!- you have the basis for a great environment for learning and passionate teaching.

Ironically, schools often only embrace these concepts before the all-important standardized tests that in the age of,"no child left behind,"become the measuring rod for successful schools. In my experience, the schools that embrace menschlichkeit- taking the opportunity to do whatever it takes to promote the success of each child- are doing what we expect them to do.

The key to your child's success in life is early intervention and sustained effort on the part of every adult that cares about him/her. Be an advocate for your kids. Have a vision for your children's best life, share it with them, model it, enable them to succeed, and keep encouraging them on their way.

Bless you and your children.

-- Dr. Dan Levy, Baltimore, MD

Not All Anti-Semitism Is Written By Non-Jews 

May you, Patrick Murphy, and all other supporters of the murderous, ethnic-cleansing Israeli colonial state (a temporary state, to be sure) get frostbites on your toes.

A fellow Jew who thinks Palestinians are human beings, and much better ones than you.

-- Larry Hochman, Detroit, MI
Mr. Hochman ran in Michigan in 1968 on the New Politics/Peace and Freedom Party ticket as a minor candidate for Vice-President of the United States. His views certainly do not represent the views of the Philadelphia Jewish Voice.

The Philadelphia Jewish Voice welcomes the submission of articles and letters to the editor  letters @ pjvoice.com. Please include name, address and phone number for identification purposes. We cannot publish every submission we receive. We also reserve the right to edit submissions for length, clarity, grammar, accuracy, and style, though we will never intentionally distort the author's intent.

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