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November 2006

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New Jersey's 7th Congressional District.
Special Dossier: Decision 5767

Voter's Guide: 
New Jersey's 7th Congressional District

Mike Ferguson vs. Linda Stender.

-- Jeff Hauser

The NJ-07 congressional race features 3-term Republican incumbent Mike Ferguson running against Democratic challenger and 3-term State Assemblywoman Linda Stender.

Although both candidates are strong supporters of Israel, they take conflicting positions on several key issues, including reproductive freedom, stem cell research, church-state relations, and the War in Iraq.

Here's some more information on how the candidates stand on issues of importance to the Jewish community:

  Linda Stender (D)
Linda Stender
Mike Ferguson  (R. Incumbent) Mike Ferguson
  • Strong supporter of Israel.
  • Policy statement: "Linda Stender fully supports the state of Israel, its right to defend itself against terrorist networks and hostile states, and its right to exist as a sovereign and independent nation."
Reproductive Freedom
  • From her website: "I am unequivocally pro-choice, across the board, with no restrictions, because I trust women."
Stem Cell Research
  • From her website: "?Linda Stender, like the majority of Congress, strongly supports stem cell research."
  • Again, "Linda understands that cures to terrible diseases may be discovered through stem cell research and she chooses to put her faith in science."
  • Stands with President Bush in opposition to stem cell research.
  • Rep. Ferguson voted against H.R. 810 (bill vetoed by Bush), which sought to repeal restrictions on federal funding for stem cell research.


Separation of Church and State
  • Policy statement: "Linda Stender opposes the efforts made by radical right-wing groups to undermine the constitutional divide between church and state."
  • As such, Stender ?opposes the teaching of creationism or ?intelligent design? in public schools, prayer in public schools, and the display of religious artifacts in public places like courthouses and government buildings."
  • Voted against NJDC recommendations on every major piece of legislation dealing with separation of church and state proposed during his time in congress: including bills addressing discrimination in hiring practices amongst federally-funded faith-based organizations, the political activity of religious groups, and prayer in public schools.
  • As such, Rep. Ferguson received a 100% rating from the radical Christian Coalition in 2004 for his voting behavior in the 108th Congress.
  • Stender believes that the U.S. should have built more international support before going to war in Iraq, and that the Bush Administration lacks a clear exit strategy for ending U.S. involvement in Iraq.
  • Stender also believes that the War in Iraq has diverted valuable resources resources from
    the effort to capture and defeat Al-Qaeda and other terrorists.


  • Strong supporter of U.S. war in Iraq.
  • From his website: "Congressman Ferguson believes decisions about reducing U.S. forces should be made by the commanders on the ground, not by politicians in Washington."


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