October 2006

Special Dossier: Decision 5767

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May our reflections on the past bridge our path to a sweet and peaceful new year. K'tiva V'Chatima Tova. (Photo: Flaura Winston)

Special Dossier: Decision 5767 - Jewish Perspectives

The Smart Way To Support Israel
The definitive anti-Israel list?

From Victim To Criminal
The critical importance of Israeli public diplomacy.

Demonizing Israel
War crimes synonymous with military action?

The Tip Of The Iceberg
Thank G-d we are not like them.

Immoral Equivalence
Try to draw a comparison between them and us.

Red State Jews
A soul-searching moment for the Jewish left.

Jewish Oncology
Tikkun Olam through cancer research.

Dry Bones cartoon - Terrorism, missile attacks, rockets hitting Israeli cities, Hizbullah, Hamas, Sunnis, Shias, Iran, Ahmadinejad, and Israel's two-front war in Lebanon and Gaza
Reprinted courtesy of Yaakov (Dry Bones) Kirschen www.DryBonesBlog.blogspot.com  

High Holidays In Baghdad
Jewish servicemen keep the faith.

Another Internet Hoax
The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and The New York Times.

Rants From The Alphabet
"W" is for "Wealth".

Letters to the Editor


Community Calendar
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Three Local Libraries Receive Jewish Literature Grants
Let's talk about it... in Hebrew! 

Networking Central

Jewish Labor Committee
Flourishing commitment to labor.

An Interview with Patrick Murphy
Candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania's 8th district

Living Judaism

Leviticus 17
The holiness code. 

A "Prophecy" Sadly Fulfilled
Same sex unions halachically indefensible. 

The Way To Fight The Ban On Gay Marriage
State sanction or sacred sacrament? 

Young Children And Prayer
Introducing young children to prayer during the high holidays. 

A New Year And Nu, You?
The time to fully celebrate creation. 

Redefining Success
An Interview With Kenneth R. Ginsburg, M.D. M.S.E.D.

One Year After Katrina
Families urged to create emergency disaster plans.

The Kosher Table

A Happy Healthy New Year
For all of us.

A New Season

Season are changing and we have a wealth of material for you to enjoy.

Election season is coming up, and our special dossier for the month focuses on "Decision 5767". 
Why is so much attention being paid to the Jewish vote? Analysis top races from a Jewish perspective including the Santorum, Allen, Harris, Casey and Lieberman campaigns.

The academic season resumes anew for our children, and our Dr. Flaura Winston help us help them redefine "success" in her latest installment of her Raising a Mensch column.

The High Holiday season is coming up, so we have expanded coverage in our Living Judaism section with 5 articles providing food for thought on the holidays, while our food column "The Kosher Table" will 
provides thoughts on holiday food. Continued coverage thanks to Jews in Green's Captain Howard J. Perl gives us a first-hand perspective of the high holidays through the eyes of a Jewish serviceman in Baghdad. Meanwhile, our Community Calendar is continually updated with listings of high holiday and all other sorts of Jewish events around our community.

All this and much more, including Dry Bones cartoons, and extensive commentary on the situation in


Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year from the Philadelphia Jewish Voice.