JULY 2006

• Dems Forgo Raises
First Fruits
• Common Ground

• Past Pres. Imperfect
• Swift Boating America
• Holocaust not Christian
• Noble Movements
• Letters to the Editor

Special Dossiers
• Immigration
 •• My grandfathers
 •• National Guardsman
• Agriprocessor

• Community Calendar
• Together to Worship
•  Walking for Peace

In Their Own Words
• Admiral Joe Sestak

Networking Central
• Israel Free Loan Assoc.

Living Judaism
• Bat Mitzvah Child Wept

Raising A Mensch
• Family Reading
• Academic Perfection

The Kosher Table
• Cherry St. Kosher Rest.

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Third Annual Philadelphia Interfaith Walk for Peace and Reconciliation

Dem Candidates Forgo Raises
Murphy & Murphy propose cap on Congressional pay..

First Fruits
Little Leora's first Shavuot.

Common Ground
Ameinu head meets Israel's Prime Minister.


Past President Imperfect 
A response to Jimmy Carter's misinformed anti-Israel tirade.

The Swift Boating of America 
The swamp of militarism and corruption.

The Holocaust Was Not Christian
Benedict's historic failure at Auschwitz.

Noble Movements
Divide and collapse.

Special Dossier: Immigration
- My grandfathers were illegal immigrants.
- National guardsman refuses deployment to patrol border.

Special Dossier: Agriprocessor Slaughterhouse Rules

Letters to the Editor


Community Calendar
Looking for something to do? This month, there are dozens of activities in the community that are of interest for singles, for seniors, for families, for scholars, for fun, for spiritual growth, for physical activity, for the arts and dancing, and more.

Coming Together To Worship God
Tiferes B'nai Israel welcomes Temple Bethel.

Dry Bones cartoon - The Iranian Nuclear Threat
Reprinted courtesy of Yaakov (Dry Bones) Kirschen www.DryBonesBlog.blogspot.com

Walking For Peace
Third annual Philadelphia Interfaith Walk. for Peace and Reconciliation.

An Interview with Joe Sestak
Candidate for Congress, Pennsylvania 7th district 

Networking Central

Israel Free Loan Association 
Helps Israelis help themselves.

Living Judaism

Why the Bat Mitzvah Girl Wept
The right kind of rite of initiation..

On Jews, Academic Achievement and Perfectionism
Graduation reflections.

The Blessing Of Family Reading
Enrich your family with Jewish books and reading

The Kosher Table

1010 Cherry Street Chinese Restaurant
Where ersatz is where it's at.

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