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Third Annual Philadelphia Interfaith Walk for Peace and Reconciliation

Walking For Peace

Third annual Philadelphia Interfaith Walk for Peace and Reconciliation.

Philadelphia has been host to a unique event for the past three years: members of a variety of religious backgrounds joined together to promote peace. This year, as in the previous two, it was not political in nature: signs and symbols primarily call for peace without making demands or defining the target of the peace advocacy. Rather, in the fact that Jews, Christians, Muslims, and a variety of Eastern religions walk together, entering each other's houses of worship to pray together, the message is peace in action, not peace in the future. The organizers and participants view the day as modeling a different way of dealing with differences. 

This year there were about 500 to 600 walkers, most of whom walked the full three and a half miles. The congregational stops included: Al-Aqsa Islamic Society, St. Peter's Church, Christ Church and Society Hill Synagogue (in that order). Participants included people from the Jewish, Muslim, Christian, and Sikh communities, as well as Buddhists, Hindus, Quakers and Unitarians.

-- Lance Laver and Alan Tuttle

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