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News and Op/Ed

Letters to the Editor

The True Meaning of "Never Again"

Phil Rosen asserts that the Jewish community is only interested in revisiting the Holocaust and doesn't really care enough about present-day social injustices.
Granted, there can always be more people involved in helping to cure societal ills and he does point to important issues that need attention and more community involvement. However, there are venues where people from the Jewish community tirelessly work to achieve social justice for those who are "voiceless." 

My article "Lest We Forget," speaks to the work of the PA.Holocaust Education Council's (PHEC) current focus on connecting the Holocaust and Darfur genocides. 

In fact, as recently as April 9, 2006, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and the PHEC led a professional development day connecting the Holocaust and Darfur for twenty teachers in the Scranton area. Those of us working in this field, Jews and non-Jews together, are well aware of the imperative today, more than ever, to teach the lessons of the Holocaust to prepare future generations so they can realize that they have the power to "light one little candle." 

The Jewish Social Policy Action Network has brought to the forefront a multitude of issues that affect all peoples, regardless of faith or ethnic origin. These issues are reflected on our website which keeps readers abreast of our community forums as well as a opportunities to "get involved."  Obviously, Phil doesn't know of JSPAN's activism in speaking out on such issues as Abu Ghraib, Iraq, immigration reform, gun control, etc. etc..

Is Phil not aware of the USHMM site on Darfur? There are forums going on all over Philadelphia, at synagogues ( and other places) sponsored by a coalition of Jewish and non-Jewish organizations?
The Jewish Community Relations Council  is actively involved in Darfur activities?

And, above all, .as we celebrate the holiday of Passover, most of us have always used the seder as a reminder of all of the current social ills in the world demonstrating that we understand the true purpose of commemorating a religious holiday in America? 

Many people are not silent and do understand the meaning of "Never Again." Phil needs to know that ...as do other readers of the Jewish Voice.

-- Deanne Scherlis Comer, Abington, PA
JSPAN board member, PA Holocaust Education Council,

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