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Alan Sandals
Alan Sandals at Independence Hall announces his campaign for U.S. Senate  
News and Op/Ed

National Organization of Women Endorses Alan Sandals 

Women's rights key to U.S. Senate race

Because the 2006 Pennsylvania Senate race is so critical to women's rights, the National Organization for Women Political Action Committee has voted to endorse Democratic candidate Alan Sandals for the United States Senate. With so many of our rights at risk, and reproductive freedom on the line, the NOW PAC will invest both political resources and grassroots strength in the candidate we believe will best protect and advance our rights in the U.S. Senate.

This race promises to be one of the most closely-watched of the 2006 elections. Feminist voters have the opportunity to send extremist Republican incumbent Senator Rick Santorum packing. But we must not do so by trading away our rights. The Democratic Party establishment recruited and is backing staunch abortion opponent Robert Casey, Jr. in the primary. But can feminists, progressives and even moderates join them behind a candidate who does not recognize the importance of allowing women access to a full range of reproductive health care options?

The simple answer is No. The attacks that are occurring right now in states like South Dakota and Mississippi reinforce the importance of standing our ground. Even the spectre of a Santorum defeat is not excuse enough to betray our own rights --- ultimately putting women's well-being, health and very lives at risk.

Alan Sandals is a strong and articulate candidate, a supporter of women's rights, and he believes as most Pennsylvanians do: that Roe v. Wade must be preserved if we are to protect every woman's right to privacy and bodily integrity. Women can count on Alan Sandals to protect the Supreme Court and federal courts from nominees who would revoke our rights and cede our liberties. If we are to prevent an even stronger backlash against women and a possible reversal of Roe v. Wade, then supporters of women's rights must be bold enough to endorse and support positive candidates like Alan Sandals. The NOW PAC is proud to do so today.

Lisa Bennett, National Organization of Women