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Reprinted courtesy of Yaakov (Dry Bones) Kirschen www.DryBonesBlog.blogspot.com 

News and Op/Ed

The Walls Came Tumbling Down

The Jericho prison raid.

In order to understand Israel's Jericho prison raid, we have to go back to October 17, 2001. The day Minister of Tourism and Member of Knesset, Major General (Res.) Rechavam Ze'evi, popularly known by his nickname "Gandhi" was assassinated at Jerusalem's Hyatt Hotel by members of the PFLP. Since that day Israel has been seeking justice for that ghastly crime. This was the main reason for raiding and capturing the six people at issue - five associated with the murder of Rehavam Ze?evi and another jailed over the Karine-A weapons smuggling affair.

Moreover, once PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas confirmed the intention of Hamas to release these prisoners and breaking yet another agreement with Israel and the fact that he had no intention of doing anything about this all signaled to Israel that if they do not act nobody else will. Additionally, it has become known that "the Jericho Six," were never held in isolation by the British and American wards and were allowed unlimited visits and use of cell phones and even left prison grounds on occasion.

After most of the prisoners exited the prison under IDF orders, Israeli forces began tearing down the prison room by room, Ze'evi's killers eventually handed themselves in to Israeli custody.

In general the Jericho raid is quite telling in itself as it speaks to the fact that Israel is not going to accept Hamas' extremism and telling Hamas not to play with fire. Israel showed its military strength at the Jericho prison ? an operation completely in broad daylight and in the spotlight of the international media --- giving a clear message to Hamas that they mean business.

Republished courtesy of the The Center for Israel and Overseas.