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Flaura Koplin Winston, M.D. Ph.D.
Flaura Koplin Winston, MD PhD
Raising a Mensch

In 1995 I made a discovery that singularly galvanized my research approach - research to action to impact. Two tragic cases came through Children's Hospital, where I practice pediatrics, infants in rear-facing child safety seats who died in crashes survived by the driver. As a pediatrician, a doctorally-trained engineer, and a physician scientist who studies injury, I immediately recognized that the air bag, a new safety technology designed to protect adults, was responsible for the deaths of these children. Who was protecting the children? This led me down the path to create the world's largest child-focused crash surveillance system with Partners for Child Passenger Safety, a comprehensive research and outreach program dedicated to advancing the safety of children through research, and a parent-focused child passenger safety website to get credible, current science to parents. The tragic cases of motor vehicle crash deaths of children highlighted for me that the value of research is only realized when it is translated for those who can effect change, and parents are my key partners in protecting children. From installing child safety seats in their cars to setting driving rules for their teenagers to comforting their children through injury, when prevention fails, parents are on the frontlines. It is with this background and as a Jewish mother of two boys that I write this column, understanding the importance of research, practical application, and translation and delivery of this information to parents.

Children are growing, developing individuals. As parents, we need to balance nurturing their emerging independence with setting clear limits. This column will not only bring the latest information on preventing the leading cause of death to children, injury, but also on all topics of interest to those concerned about the safety and well-being of Philadelphia's children. I hope to address the everyday challenges of parenting that many of us face, placing the latest science and expert advice on parenting into a Jewish context. Feel free to send your reactions, thoughts, experiences, and suggestions for future columns to parenting @ I hope that we can all learn from each other and together raise a community of mensches!

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Raising A Mensch Section Editor: Dr. Flaura Koplin Winston parenting @
Dr. Flaura Koplin Winston is a practicing pediatrician, associate professor of pediatrics and Scientific Director of the Center for Injury Research and Prevention at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. She welcomes your comments, questions, contributions and suggestions for future columns.

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